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Strip Doors: Economical Energy-Saving Solutions

Save-T® Solutions, the material handling division of TMI, LLC, is one of the nation's top PVC strip door manufacturers. Strip doors, also known as strip curtains, are an economical solution for managing workplace environments. When properly utilized, PVC strip doors are ideal for temperature and environmental control, privacy and security, insect control, safety/fume barriers for industrial activities like welding and noise reduction.

Where to Use Strip Doors

Where to Use Strip Doors

Strip doors are useful in almost every area within a warehouse or manufacturing plant. As shown above, some of the most common applications include:

  • Weld Screens for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance
  • Large Exterior Doors
  • Cold Storage or Freezer Doors
  • Interior Doors for Fume or Temperature Control
  • Room Dividers or Noise Reduction Enclosures
  • Loading Dock Doors
  • Personnel Doors
  • Conveyor Passage Enclosures
  • Craneway Enclosures

Save-T PVC: Quality From Pellet to Product

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a petroleum-based plastic material. Save-T Solutions strip doors are available in a wide variety of PVC materials. This is largely because Save-T Solutions controls every step of strip door production: from the raw PVC pellets to the finished product. The PVC that goes into Save-T Strip Doors is extruded in the United States at TMI's Ohio facility.

What Sets Our Strip Doors Apart?

Save-T Solutions offers a large variety of strip door hardware and PVC strips equaling thousands of strip door varieties customizable to almost any application.

A sampling of available PVC strip material:

View all of Save-T Solutions strip door offerings in TMI's Strip Door Catalog.

Save-T Loc™ Hardware & Rip-A-Strip® Replacement Strips

Save-T Loc hardware reduces strip door installation time by as much as 75% and fits 99% of PVC strips on the market. Learn more about the Save-T Loc hardware system by visiting

Rip-A-Strip is a continuous roll of replacement PVC strips pre-cut and packaged to exact specifications. Rip-A-Strip strips are cut 85% of the way through, making it easy to rip a single pre-measured strip off the roll. Additionally, Rip-A-Strip rolls can be ordered in an easy-to-use dispensing boxes that can be tucked away and easily stored until a replacement strip is needed. Learn more about Rip-A-Strip by visiting TMI, LLC: Managing Environments